Riedel Vinum Spirits Glasses 6 Stems

Riedel Vinum Spirits Glasses 6 Stems
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Riedel Vinum Spirits Glasses 6 Stems (P/N 6416/17). If your bar is stocked with liqueurs such as amaretto, vermouth, crème de menthe, or Drambuie, owning complementary glassware is a must. Serve your cordials in these diminutive stems designed for distilled spirits.

  • Each glass stands 6-3/8" tall and holds 2.9 oz.
  • The shape of the glass captures the liqueur at the bulb of the base, sending the aroma straight up through the top and directly to your nose.
  • The clarity of 24% leaded glass brings out the liqueur's shine. Hand-washing recommended.


Recommended for: Aquavit, Maraschino, Spirits, Stone Fruit

Why choose this set over similar glasses?

  • Vinum was the first glass designed for the zones of the tongue that perceive sweetness, bitterness, saltiness, and acidity, targeting receptors to bring out the varietal's nuances.
  • Machine-made glasses offer precision and uniformity in material compared to hand-blown or mouth-blown versions.
  • The truncated bowl and relatively long stem of this copita offers a charming visual profile.
This set makes a great wedding gift or completes the collection of the serious enthusiast of fine spirits.

Each of these magnificent glasses is specifically designed to enhance the flavor of fine liqueur.



  • Design parameters are based on the characteristics of fine liquer
  • Glasses designed with elegance, lightness, and balance
  • Machine-made with over 24% lead crystal


Capacity: 2.9 oz 
Size: 6 3/8h (in) 
Weight: 4.75 lb
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