Cork Cage Eiffel Tower

Cork Cage Eiffel Tower
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Cork Cage Eiffel Tower (P/N 91-065). Artisan crafted from metal with all the details of the actual French structure, this cork cage is a creative solution for your cork storage. Not only will this cork cage hold your corks, but it can also display a bottle of wine - even oversized Champagne bottles!

To safely store wine corks, simply drop them through the hinged opening at the top section of the tower. To remove corks, or add a wine bottle to display, simply open the middle section.

This clever wine and gift accessory is a stylish way to hold your cherished collection.

Dimensions: 9.5"W x 9.5" D x 25"H.

You'll always remember Paris with this exquisite reproduction of the Eiffel Tower.



  • Cleverly crafted from metal and dotted with whimsical multi-colored glass accents
  • Oversized to hold a large number of corks
  • The soft patina finish gives a fanciful flair
  • The perfect gift for you or a friend


Size: 9 1/2w x 9 1/2d x 25h (in) 
Weight: 5 lb
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